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Grant Overview

The Guitar Center Music Foundation makes the gift of music available to people across the country by providing resources for music education programs. Our grants are awarded to schools, local music programs and national music programs across the United States. As of June 2012, we awarded grants to 50 community music programs, 7 national music programs, 37 music therapy programs, and 59 school music programs. We have reached state specific programs in 30 states. And have directly given over 150,000 people the opportunity to make music. The following 5 programs represent the spectrum of programs selected by The Guitar Center Music Foundation, which were awarded instruments and equipment:

Music In Schools Today

Music in Schools Today provides therapeutic percussion, world music and movement classes to the most underserved and at-risk youth, in Bay Area Schools and community centers. Many of the children reached by this program, have experienced violence in their homes and communities, and, by making music, these children have developed improved self-esteem by transforming their loss, anger and alienation into personal growth and inner discipline — rather than violence. The Guitar Center Music Foundation believes making music has a huge impact on our health and sanity and awarded a set of frame drums and over a hundred percussion instruments to support 5 different community centers, reaching over 500 students each year.

Hijos de la Musica Latina

This non-profit music program empowers talented Latino youth that are primarily financially, economically and emotionally at-risk. This music program not only gives youth the gift of music, but also teaches them life-long skills that will help them pursue their future goals. The Guitar Center Music Foundation was able to award them a 3-chanel power mixer, speakers, microphones and other music equipment. With this donation of instruments and equipment, Hijos de la Musica Latina will be able to reach more children.

Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras

The Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra is currently the only full orchestral program available to students in the area. As music programs in schools continue to be cut, CVYO fills an important void and provides a valuable cultural opportunity for student musicians. This program serves an ethnically diverse group of families, with no students being turned away due to socio-economic status or ability, and continues to grow as the demand for music programs continues.

The Creative Arts Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Program

The Creative Arts Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Program welcomes patients and family members interested in exploring creative expression as part of their cancer treatment. The Creative Arts Program offers adult oncology patients and their families the opportunity to receive free music lessons that are especially helpful during difficult times of their treatment. Their total patient care includes addressing psychological, family and spiritual needs as important components of effective cancer treatment.

Guitars in the Classroom

This music program provides affordable music instruction in guitar, singing and song leading to educators in 31 states reaching over 9,000 educators and hundreds of thousands of students annually. GITC has been developing innovative programs to improve education by training teachers to integrate music-making with academic studies. By providing instruction, access to instruments, resource materials, and program supervision, GITC empowers educators to transform classrooms into music environments that bring out the best in every student, engaging them in studies across the curriculum. The Guitar Center Music Foundation donated hundreds of guitars to this organization, which will reach thousands of students each year.

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