Robert Knight

Rock and Roll Photographer –

Music gave me everything that I am to day. Finding a discarded magazine from a British tourist while walking the streets of Waikiki, seeing the ad for the Heanor Record Center, I sent away for records by artist such strange sounding names as The Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix long before they became on sale in the US and Hawaii. Their photographic covers and music cast some magic spell and compelled me to fly to England at age 16. Staying with a wonderful English family who cleaned a photographer’s studio they invited me to come down to where they were making the movie. I somehow ended up on a set of the movie ‘Blow Up’ A film about a fashion Photographer in Singing London that included my favorite band the Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page playing in the big guitar smashing scene.

That was it for me, back to Hawaii and carrying golf bags for 1 year to make money to buy my first camera and lenses. I wanted to meet all of these musical artists that became the sound track of my life, I wanted to hang out, photograph them and somehow be part of this special world.

The music than drove me to San Francisco the summer of 1968, photography school in the day and concerts at the Fillmore West at night, first it was Jeff Beck, next Jimmy Hendrix and next thing I knew Rolling Stone Magazine sent me down to Los Angeles to shoot Jimmy Page’s new band Led Zeppelin. The music was fantastic and drove me closer and closer to these artists and this inner world. After 40 years of chasing the music that means so much to me I now know most of my heroes and have watched their lives and saw they also had gotten to where they are by the music! Music has taken a very lonely boy from Hawaii and given him a life and career. Music can take you to places of your dreams!