Raymond “Ray” Louis Kennedy

Hit songwriter, singer and producer –

 Q: What would your life be without music?
A: Without music in my life, I would never have had so many wonderful experiences. Because of music I have traveled to places that as a child I looked at only in books. By playing music I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most talented, exciting, wonderful and interesting people in my life that I now call friends. The one thing I realize about music is that without it, my life would be empty.
Q: What are your views on music education?
A: The only thing that I really remember about school as a young child is that I attended a school where the head principal was a lover of music, so as part of our school day, we were required to learn the basics of how to play an instrument or participate in a music program. Having this to look forward to everyday at school, gave me the one thing that I needed to motivate me and it made me look forward to attending school. It also gave me the basic knowledge, that in life you need to study and practice very hard if you want to achieve anything. I believe that music education in schools is not just the learning of how to play a musical instrument or the singing of a song but a way of expressing our feelings at a very young age.