Nuno Bettencourt

Music… is fuel for the soul. It’s oxygen. We can’t really see it in the airwaves, but we can feel it, and feel a need for it.

You see as hard as life gets at times for all of us, music is the one thing that pulls us through – whether you’re a teenager, an adult, or a little child. In the toughest time, a simple song, melody, or lyric can change and sometimes save your life. Whether you’re Asian, White, African American – music, like oxygen, travels on airwaves, crossing borders from country to country, from race to race. It’s the one thing that has the power to connect us as one people. When we gather to hear music, we breathe as one people. We can’t say that about religion or politics.

And just like the oxygen on our beautiful planet, we can also take music for granted. For all of us fans and listeners that breathe in the airwaves everyday, we must not forget how it gets created. In this age of Fast Food Music we must not forget about the passion of the real artist, the musician, the performer, the writer, the punk, the rapper, the rocker, the classical dude… just trying to break through to share their creations with you. They are all around you.

Well I guess if music truly was oxygen, and we were in danger of losing it, we would probably start planting more trees. Then I guess if the trees create oxygen, then the trees would be…. our children. Hmmmmm? That would mean that we would have to water them with inspiration… and make sure they get plenty of instruments…. Oh! and what about sunlight, to help them grow? But of course! We forgot the most important and what should be the most cherished: a music teacher.

Let’s go everybody! We’ve got work to do! We can’t breathe without oxygen. Can we?

Nuno Bettencourt,
Artist – DramaGods