Jessica Baron

Founder, Guitars in the Classroom –

Jessica BaronLike many lifelong musicians, I will tell you that making music undoubtedly saved my sanity through a lonely and tumultuous childhood, gave my private experiences and reflections a voice in turbulent adolescence, brought me into company of inspirational and brilliant musical mentors, good friends who preserved their own compassion, creativity and faith through leading musical lives, and who cared deeply enough to see me through. But music has done much more than save my life. It has given and continues to give my life shape, sound, meaning, and an ever-unfolding path to walk each day. It teaches me about the human heart, and the wide world around, about history, culture, politics, the spiritual realms, and it always, always teaches and reteaches me about peace.

Music is also sustenance. Teaching music and training others to teach through music making allows me to earn a living doing meaningful work and enables me take care of my child.

Music, for me, is as basic as bread, as essential as blood, and as vital to existence as earth, air, water, and fire. It is the fifth element.

I believe that anyone who tells you that music is not a necessary part of education or life has not yet begun to live fully. But there is hope… as long as we continue to share the music we love, the sounds of our dreams, our deeds, our values and emotions, purely expressed.