Dave Mason

Dave Mason first encountered fame as one of the founding members of Traffic. His long career includes stints with Delaney & Bonnie and Fleetwood Mac, collaboration with Mama Cass and a solo career. Mason taught himself how to create music by the time he was about 15 years old. He grew up in England and took the music classes that everybody had to take in the school system, but he really learned music “just by playing records,” Mason said.

He said that being a musician “just seemed like a good idea.”

“I never really thought it wouldn’t work,” Mason said. “I wasn’t going to work nine to five.” So, Mason formed a local band with his friends.

Though Mason’s music education was limited, he does find it important to offer music in schools. “We’re one of the few countries that doesn’t fund the arts,” Mason said. “I’m all for having music and the arts as part of education whether they pursue it or not.” Mason supports music education through the Guitar Center Music Foundation as a member of its advisory board and sits on the board of Kids for Rock.

“Music is my magic carpet,” Mason said. “It’s allowed me to go places and meet people I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise — I can’t imagine not doing it in some way or another.”