Catherine Genzler

Former Board Member –

World-beat, chamber, gospel and rock: All are descriptive words for music in a variety of forms. In my lifetime–in different parts of the world–music has been a constant companion, bringing me comfort in times of trial and great joyous expression in times of celebration.

My love of music comes from distant memories of classical music played in our home; from early ‘Pop’ on the AM radio and, from rock concerts in my teens—but mostly from the lineage of musicians that were passionate enough to forgo other activities so that their music would be heard in a vast array of styles, in myriad venues across this planet.

I smile as I write this because I see the faces of children as they experience the safety and creative expression that comes from music, whether expressed in song, dance or in the manifestation of an instrument responding to the human touch.

To be good stewards on this planet, we, as people, must foster, encourage, and support music education, music expression and music appreciation. The Guitar Center Music Foundation works to offer the opportunity to those people who answer the call of music for their own needs, as well as for a grateful global audience.