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We are music advocates!

At GCMF, we are committed to supporting music education in our schools and music learning for everyone. We believe that music makes an important difference – it improves SAT scores, reading and math skills, social skills and self-discipline. Music enhances higher brain function, develops quick and decisive thinking and builds teamwork. These valuable skills stay with us throughout life. Because of that commitment, we are pleased to bring you these links to helpful music organizations and resources we have worked with.


The Blues Kids Foundation
The Blues Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to preserve, perform and promote the blues among America’s youth, founded by Fernando Jones.

Woodcraft Rangers
Woodcraft Rangers has a proud 86 year history of providing innovative and creative programs for children in the under-served areas of greater Los Angeles. Currently, Woodcraft Rangers reaches out to over 15,000 at-risk young people annually through enriching after-school and camping programs. The organization’s programs are responsive to social trends and designed to help children mature into healthy, productive adults through positive experiences and age-appropriate challenges.

Blues In The Schools
Blues In The Schools is a program developed by the Blues Foundation in Memphis ten years ago as part of their effort to promote and preserve the heritage of Blues music. In most cases, a musician or a group conducts a workshop for students to learn more about Blues music (as well as music in general). These appearances include; live performances, recorded music, slide presentations and informative narratives. Joe Bonamassa’s hour-long BITS presentation is structured for middle school, high school and college students as he takes them on a musical journey tracking the evolution of Blues music from the Deep South in the late 1800’s up through today’s different Blues styles.

Little Kids Rock
Little Kids Rock inspires children to express themselves through music, building the creativity, confidence, and self-esteem that are critical to success in school and beyond. The organization accomplishes this by pioneering innovative teaching methods that are rooted in children’s knowledge of popular music forms such as rock, rap, blues, hip-hop etc; preparing practitioners such as teachers and youth workers to offer classes utilizing our methods and materials; and providing free musical instruments and trained instructors to children, especially to those children who do not receive music education.

Music for All Foundation!
The Music for All Foundation is a national non-profit dedicated to expanding access to music and arts education in schools and communities. The foundation’s website provides the latest news, information, and materials to empower local citizens as advocates for the cause.

Silverlake Conservatory Of Music!
Silverlake Conservatory Of Music, a Non-Profit organization, is to provide the opportunity to study music.

Guitars In The Classroom!
Guitars In The Classroom transforms learning into a deeply creative, musical process that engages and nurtures every student. Founded in 1998, GITC equips, trains and inspires classroom teachers to play guitar and ukulele, sing and write songs for learning, and to lead singing and hands-on music making with students of all ages as an integral part of learning every subject imaginable. GITC’s regionally based programs make music accessible to over half a million students each week, nationwide. GITC’s mission is to empower teachers to realize and develop their musical skills and creativity, to model courageous learning for their students, and to boost student academic success by integrating music across the curriculum.

Voices Together
The mission of Voices Together is to provide the opportunity for pre-teens, teens and adults with developmental disabilities such as autism, downs syndrome and fragile X to move from exclusion to inclusion in our communities and to use the power and enjoyment of music to improve social skills and communication skills.

Support Music
This site offers resources and advice to parents and community members trying to keep music in their schools.

New Horizons Band
New Horizons Band is a band program for adult beginners and people who may have played in school but put it aside for many years.

The Mr Hollands Opus Foundation
The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation supports music education and its many benefits through the donation of new and refurbished musical instruments to underserved school and community music programs and individual students nationwide.

Arts Education Partnership
Arts Education Partnership is a national coalition of business, philanthropic and government organizations that demonstrates and proves the essential role of the arts in the learning and developmet of every child and in the improvement of America’s schools.

National Association for Music Education
MENC: The Association for Music Education was founded in 1907 with 64 members; today’s membership has grown to include active music teachers, university faculty and researchers, college students preparing to be teachers, high school honor society members and MusicFriends.

Artists House Music is a free, non-profit, comprehensive online resource where all musicians can receive informational support, guidance, and expert resources to help them navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities available to them within the music industry. Artists House Music provides musicians and those who want to work in music with the tools to learn about the various segments of the industry on their own time, on their own terms, for free.

Parsons Center
Parsons is the largest multi-service agency in Upstate New York dedicated to helping families and their children. The agency provides counseling services, parenting education, child abuse/neglect prevention and treatment, family strengthening programs, early childhood family support, special education, youth development programs, and mental health services. Parsons Child and Family Center provides services which enable children and families to reach their potential, always respecting the dignity of every individual, the importance of family, and enduring relationships.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
The mission of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is to provide expert, compassionate care to children and adults with cancer while advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of cancer and related diseases.

Plainfield Re-entry Educational Facility
The mission of the Plainfield Re-entry Educational Facility is to prepare residents who are six to twenty-four months to release from incarceration to re-enter our community in a successful way by offering programming that educates, trains, and inspires residents so that each resident will be prepared for his successful re-entry into our community and sustain a lifestyle consistent with our social and family values in order to continue to live as law-abiding citizens.

Success Through the Arts Foundation
Success through the Arts Foundation is dedicated to using the arts as a catalyst to the education of students who have been traditionally underserved by the public schools, underrepresented in higher education, and deprived of opportunities that could enable them to realize rich and productive lives.

Hands for Hope
Hands for Hope is dedicated to broadening horizons, developing talents, promoting self-esteem and instilling life-preparation skills by extending a hand of hope to underprivileged youth and single-parent families.

VSA Arts of Wisconsin
The mission of VSA Arts of Wisconsin is to expand the capabilities, confidence and quality of life for children and adults with disabilities by providing programs in dance, drama, creative writing, music and visual art.

Discover, Learn and Play
The Discover, Learn and Play program of The Dallas School of Music, Inc., teaches musical concepts and note reading on guitar and bass as well as about 30 other instruments online. This free resource includes our original curriculum, quizzes, play-alongs, forums and more.