Guitar Center Music Foundation Internship Program

In this competitive job market, potential employers are looking for candidates with more than a diploma and a recommendation; they want experienced professionals who can hit the ground running.  If you want to gain real-world experience, consider an internship at GuitarCenter Foundation.

Our internship program provides a great resume-building opportunity to work with a world renowned organization on social media campaigns, awarding grants, inspecting and processing instruments, etc. Learn on the job, under the instruction and observation of industry professionals, who will go out of their way to provide you with training and guidance.

Previous interns have also worked directly with artists including Ok Go, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Devotchka, Paramore, and System of a Down. Best of all, it’s for a great cause: supporting music education inside and outside of schools. These unpaid internships do not guarantee employment, but will bolster your skill-set, resume, and your professional confidence!


  • Leadership
  • Social Media
  • Administration
  • Warehouse Support/ Inventory Management
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design/Photography

At this time we are not accepting applications.

Intern Testimonials

Trevor N. Thompson

Internship: Trevor N Thompson

“I was an intern at GuitarCenter Foundation in 2008. The atmosphere within the foundation was one of a great love for music and a passion for helping others. Moriah and the foundation immersed themselves within the music world and each day we were working on new ways to bring the gift of music to those less fortunate.

“This was my first encounter with the business side of non-profits and I walked away from this internship knowing that my goal would be to work within a business that was constantly looking to help others.

“I have since started my own business, Elevated Media Productions, which is a media and film production company. I am constantly using the networking, organizational, planning and business skills I learned while assisting Moriah during my internship. As our business grows I will continue to look for ways to partner with nonprofits, as I learned their value when working at GuitarCenter Foundation.”


Catherine BarillasInternship: Catherine Barillas

“My experience interning at GuitarCenter Foundation was an amazing one. Moriah takes the time to tailor each person’s internship specifically to their needs so that they can learn and grow both personally and professionally; all the while giving everyone the chance to contribute to a worthy cause. I was a Media Production Major at California Lutheran University and my internship focused on creating a promo that advocated music education. This gave me the ability to expand my video production skills and hone in on my own directorial style, yet enabled me to contribute to the Foundation. I was also given the opportunity to contribute in other ways by attending outside events to help sell memorabilia, with the proceeds benefiting grant recipients.

“This is not an internship where an intern will make little to no difference in the organization; each intern has the opportunity to make a huge impact and each intern is important. I walked away from this internship with a sharpened set of media production and marketing skills, a sense of accomplishment and an amazing colleague in Moriah Scoble.

“I currently work freelance for a production company that covers college sports for ESPN. Producing a video for GuitarCenter Foundation was definitely a contributing factor in me obtaining this job.”


Katie Barsch

Internship: Katie Barsch

“My internship at Guitar Center Music Foundation was enriching, rewarding, and exciting. The program was well structured and offered a diverse amount of opportunities to pursue my goals in marketing. I was able to work and network with very talented interns on many projects. It was a pleasure to work for Moriah. She was an awesome and supportive mentor through my first internship experience. Moriah is so passionate about the accomplishments of GuitarCenter Foundation, and truly cares about the success of her interns. She instilled a lot of confidence and trust in me during my internship, which allowed me to succeed at any given task.

“I was given many meaningful projects that impacted my marketing career. Some of my responsibilities included, managing the Guitar Center’s global search engine keyword campaigns, Facebook & Twitter updates, and encouraging donors to participate by using Google AdWords. This internship introduced me to SEM/SEO marketing campaigns and importance of social media when communicating to supporters of the company. Also, it was so rewarding being able to help raise money for such an amazing cause.

“My experience at Guitar Center Music Foundation truly paved the path to where I am today. This was my first internship and I learned so much about how a non-profit business operates and online/social media marketing, which led me to my future endeavors. Since my internship I have worked at an e-commerce company as an Internet Marketing Coordinator and last summer I served as a CityWalk Brand Marketing Intern for NBCUniversal. I am currently interning for Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. in the Domestic Television Distribution department as a marketing intern.”


Christopher WellsChris Wells Leadership Award

“As a first-year master’s student at Binghamton University during the spring of 2012, I doubted that my qualifications could yield a meaningful summer management experience. But thankfully, I was wrong.

“At the start of my internship with GuitarCenter Foundation, I had little to no management experience, only a theoretical understanding of nonprofit administration and nothing on my resume to validate my claim that I was dedicated to music education. Executive Director Moriah Scoble agreed to make me the Intern Team Leader and provided me with an extensive list of meaningful projects to fill my time. In addition to my management functions, I had the opportunity to help the organization streamline its grants process, maximize the “search engine optimization” (SEO) of its new website, set up a new online store and develop a quality control process. Throughout the experience, both Moriah and Foundation Coordinator Holly Breckenfeld offered advice, helped me work through challenges and provided additional resources.

“When I returned home, I sat down and took a look at my updated resume. The contrast is striking. Instead of presenting myself as an aspiring nonprofit management professional, I can present myself as a key player at a national nonprofit organization. Instead of arguing for a chance to put theory into practice, I can offer demonstrated management expertise. Best of all, I no longer have to talk about my commitment to music education. Instead, I can just point to my resume.

“The value of a Guitar Center Music Foundation internship has become clear. When I walked in the door at GuitarCenter Foundation, I was a management student. Now I am a management professional. And that’s exactly what employers are looking for.”


Samantha Morgenstern     

I’ve always spent an inordinate amount of time on music—rifling through old family  
tapes and CDs, asking to hear stories about Woodstock from my uncle, scavenging
for new tuneage at record stores, taking music classes in college, writing about
music…. and spending all my extra cash on concerts.

I knew I had to be more serious in law school, but I had made it a goal of mine to
continue to further the interests of creative people with whom I always identified
better than anyone else.

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to parlay my love of music and the industry
into a legal internship with GuitarCenter Foundation. Working with FMF made
the dream feel real as I learned about the grant program process I worked closely
with Moriah as I researched, drafted and reviewed policies and other types of

The amazing experience I had interning with FMF motivated me to seek future
entertainment positions. This summer, I will be interning in the Business and Legal
Affairs department of Rhino Entertainment Company, a division of Warner Music
Group. No matter where I end up, I want to maintain my connection to FMF. The
Foundation is like a family, and I always want to be a part of it.



Jennifer MelhamInternship: Jennifer Melham

“I truly enjoyed my advertising internship with the Guitar Center Music Foundation! I feel like you get out what you put into it. Moriah really listened to what kind of experience I was looking for, and was able to give me responsibilities that went along with that. I learned a new skill, which was how to use Google Adwords, and I always felt like I was contributing to the company and to the cause.“Also, Moriah and Holly were very flexible with my schedule, which was a huge help since I was driving from Orange County. This internship was the stepping-stone that I needed to move forward with my professional goals, and I feel very strongly that it helped me get my current job, which is working as a freelance Copywriter.”


Reid ClowReid Clow

“GuitarCenter Foundation was a laid-back experience that was hands-on as well as fairly on-your-own. Moriah is there to help you and be your guide, but you can be very liberal with the creativity you apply to certain projects.

“Overall, I think having the name “Guitar Center” on my resumé has greatly helped me and will continue to help me in the future.  It helped me get hired at Silverback Music and Management (managed Sublime in the 90s, manages Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Rebelution, et cetera). I am now attending my senior year at UC Santa Cruz. I live two blocks from the beach and it is beautiful.

“At the very least, the internship familiarized me with Google docs, social networkings and online media. At the very most, the internship furthered my ability to network with big names in the industry and get a taste of what my future might hold. ( I interviewed a few bands including the Gin Blossoms, and that was a very awesome time.)”


Nicole VegaInternship: Nicole Vega

“The atmosphere at Guitar Center Music Foundation was friendly and educational. Moriah was a great boss who I admire for her professionalism, drive, and the manner in which she carries herself.

“My time at The Foundation definitely improved my professional life. It helped me to get a Los Angeles County Arts Internship with a non-profit orchestra the following summer. Only 100 college students in all of Los Angeles were given the opportunity to take part in this internship program and I truly believe that had I not interned at the Foundation, I wouldn’t have gotten it.

“I am now a Community Manager at Edelman Digital, the interactive arm of the world’s largest independently owned public relations firm. My clients include Microsoft and Volkswagen USA.

“I was first introduced to using social media on a professional level at the Foundation. Therefore, I believe that my passion for social media began there and has led me to be the social media professional I am today.”


Hadrien InternshipHadrien Soalhat

“I live in Provence, in the South of France and am currently an International Business graduate studying in Bordeaux. I spent my summer interning at GuitarCenter Foundation in California.

“I was in charge of the web advertising campaigns for American and French markets, and I worked in the warehouse doing quality control and inventory tasks. The Foundation receives lots of instruments and our job was to make sure instruments were safe and in good quality before we sent them to children.

“My summer spent with the Foundation was amazing –and way too short! It was so great to be able to work all day with a team of people who share the same passion for music. And it is so rewarding to think that all the work you are doing when working for the foundation has the sole purpose to give instruments to people who need them and spread our love for music!”