“I really like playing music so I can grow up to be something.”

– StudentKayne Eras Center, Culver City, CA

“Thank you for your generous support and for making a difference in our programs and the lives of at-risk children in Alabama.”

– Debbie Bond, DirectorThe Alabama Blues Project

P.F. Bresee Foundation

“Again thanks so much for your kindness. It is making not just a difference, but a huge difference.”

– John Huffman, Executive DirectorP.F. Bresee Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

“It is difficult to put into words how much the guitars have impacted my students. Each new song I introduce makes them work harder. The responsibility level of my students has also increased dramatically.”

– Heather Arnold, Music TeacherWoodin Elementary School, Bothell, WA

“The Foundation’s support is very important to Community MusicWorks, and we’re grateful for friends like you who are essential to making our work possible.”

– Sebastian Ruth, Executive Artistic-DirectorCommunity MusicWorks, Providence, RI

“One of the students in my self-contained middle school autism classroom at Durham School of the Arts has attended Voices Together with the self-contained high school class this year. Not only has it been one of the highlights of his week, but he has shown a great deal of improvement in both expressive and receptive communication. He is initiating more speech and uses more words in a sentence. Though I cannot credit the program for all of his progress, I think has played an important role.”

– Lesley Weaver, Exceptional Children’s TeacherDurham School of the Arts, speaking of Voices Together, Chapel Hill, NC

“Music makes my life better and gives me a sense of self.”

– Student, 16Achieving Recovery Through Creativity, St. Charles, MO

Plainfield Re-entry Educational Facility

“There is no doubt your gift will boost our program, positively impacting patients and their families. On behalf of the staff, faculty and patients- the ultimate beneficiaries of your generosity- please accept my heartfelt thanks.”

– Susan Swerdlick, Assistant DirectorDana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brookline, MA

“It has been my utmost pleasure and pride to watch a young person graduate from our band program to go on to enter college and the workplace with confidence.”

– Donn Hallman, Executive DirectorOrange Coast Musical Arts, Huntington Beach, CA

“Hands for Hope will give youth a sense of the future and empower them to succeed. Your generous donation will help provide the highest quality of enrichment to our kids.”

– Lydia Floyd, Executive DirectorHands for Hope, Los Angeles, CA

“Generous contributions like yours help strengthen our mission of service. These instruments will provide an opportunity for music enrichment for many years to come.”

– Kimberly Clark, Director of DevelopmentHeritage Christian Services, East Rochester, NY

“There have been 8 children and 15 adults with special needs who have benefited from having guitars available for music instruction. Thank you so much for making this possible.”

– Louise O’ConnellMusic Enrichment Program, Paoli, IN

“The band program sometimes seems like the only thing that keeps me going.”

– StudentNorth High School, Phoenix, AZ

“The drums gave us the ability this year to begin developing and implementing a drumming portion to our program. They also became very vital in developing a more kinesthetic portion to our techniques for the younger age groups, which we are now serving. The joy and expression that has come from this younger population while playing these drums cannot be expressed.”

– Yasmine White, DirectorVoices Together, Chapel Hill, NC

“My daughter is making the honor roll since being in the music program. Her assertiveness and self-esteem have blossomed.”

– ParentSuccess Through The Arts, Los Angeles, CA


“‘The real benefit of the drum line, as I see it, is the completely new, 100% positive identity the drum line gives each participant. They have a skill — something they feel they are actually good at — that sets them apart from their distinction as ‘formerly homeless youth’.”

– Michael Stevens, InstructorDignity Housing, Philadelphia, PA

“I felt totally lost at school. It’s like I didn’t fit in. The band program is my group; it’s our group.”

– Mason, studentNorth High School, Phoenix, AZ

“We are thrilled to have been awarded the instruments you donated. They will make a major difference.”

– Yoidette Erima, Executive DirectorParents As Primary Teachers, Brooklyn, NY

“You are enabling real people to overcome these challenges, helping to raise healthy and productive children, and finally contributing to the strength of our entire community.”

– Raymond Schimmer, Chief Executive OfficerParsons Child and Family Center, Albany, NY

“Thanks to the generous support of donors such as The Foundation, VSA continues to build bridges by promoting the creative power in people with disabilities.”

– Kathie Wagner, PresidentVSA arts of Wisconsin

“When I get angry music allows me to calm down and redirect my anger in a positive way.”

– Student, 15Achieving Recovery Through Creativity, St. Charles, MO


“These students once had a minimal chance of having a bright and productive future. The support that you provide is vital to helping these youths and others like them. We thank you for your generous support!”

– Charyn Harris, FounderProject MuszEd, Los Angeles, CA

“A conservative estimate is that 6,000 children and adults will be able to participate in and perform music as a result of Foundation donors.”

– Bob StagnerShaking Ray Levi Society, The Rhythmic Arts Project, Chattanooga, TN

“Thanks to everyone at the Foundation for all they have done to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.”

– Cliff Doescher, Executive DirectorArc of Greater New Orleans, The Rhythmic Arts Project, New Orleans, LA

“Thank you for the guitars, I think that everyone should play. It is one of my passions, and I couldn’t live without it.”

– Student, 8th GradeSacred Heart School, Lynn, MA


“I want you to know that you have had such a positive impact on our music program. Many times students come to us with virtually no understanding of music basics, they often have never seen a flute or touched a piano. Your generosity has helped us enhance our program and offer a richer curriculum to our students.”

– Janet Wilks, Director of DevelopmentSalesian High School, Richmond, CA

“If you are ever in Berkeley, please stop by and see our guitar class in action. It will make your heart sing to know that you are a part of making it possible.”

– Della PerettiDevelopmental Teacher Education Program, UC Berkeley

“Thank you so much; the music teacher is overwhelmed! He is starting a small band after school and so far has two kids starting trumpet. You guys are WONDERFUL!”

– Janet McRoberts, PrincipalVineland Elementary, Pueblo, CO

“For children and adults with disabilities, the arts represent a world of resources and opportunities, providing an outlet for creative expression and unlimited possibilities for personal and academic success.”

– Jody Kapp, Development AssociateVSA Arts of Wisconsin

“Contributions like yours assist us in providing much needed after school activity to hundreds of children in the most undeserved regions of our Los Angeles communities.”

– Cathie Mostovoy, Chief Executive OfficerWoodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA


“Next year’s 6th graders are already asking me what guitar they get to play! Thank you for making such a difference at Woodin Elementary.”

– Heather Arnold, Music TeacherWoodin Elementary School, Bothell, WA

“Music gives me something to do. I write music on a daily basis. It allows me to express my feelings and redirect my feelings in a positive manner.”

– Student, 16Achieving Recovery Through Creativity,St. Charles, MO

“Your donation will allow us to provide 150 participants with high-quality instruments for lessons.”

– Susan Swerdlick, Assistant DirectorDana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brookline, MA

Just recently one of our piano students recorded his original music using the new keyboard the Foundation donated.”

– Melissa Elkins Tyte, Music CoordinatorEast End Arts Council, Riverhead, NY

“There are a lot of family moments. My mom is like, ‘Oh, I’m so proud of my son; he plays viola.’ And she’ll start hugging me, and the rest of my siblings are like, ‘Mom, please!’ I remember when my family all came over on Christmas, I played and a couple of them started crying. And the rest of them were really proud. It made me feel good.”

– StudentCommunity MusicWorks, Providence, RI

“I’m just absolutely grateful for such a beautiful guitar to learn with and the blessing of music…I hope to pursue my passion further and remind myself I would have never had this opportunity without MRC, Ms. Dana, and these stunning guitars!”

– StudentMemphis Recovery Centers, Memphis, TN

“Guitars in the Classroom is immensely grateful to The Guitar Center Music Foundation for the generous support it has provided to our programs around the country through the years, making it possible for classroom teachers and school staff to learn to play and lead music for learning with guitars in every grade level. Thank you for your dedication to mission and your relentless work on behalf of music programs of all kinds.”

– Jessica Baron, Founder and Executive DirectorGuitars in the Classroom, national