Severe Storms and Tidal Surges

Sunday January 22, 2017

Cedar Key Rest Day at Sunset Isle RV Park.

I definitely picked a good time to not be riding as the heavy storms slammed into the southeast causing tornadoes and loss of life. My condolences to all who have suffered.

We were fine in our RV however, we did have to move away from the surging high tide that threatened to swamp us. The winds howled all night and even now at 8 am, they are gusting to 50 mph.

Whitecaps on the bay this morning. Last night the water was three feet higher.
he flags are whipping with the howling winds.

I’ll be staying here until Jan. 31, then moving south to Homasassa, Florida until Feb. 11th. This is a planned layover to visit with Jeri and the Frenchies, Griz and Gena. I’ll be riding around so as not to loose to much of the training the past three weeks have given me. I’ll also be posting some accounts of equipment that has worked or not, things that will continue or not, and some of the beauty that is western Florida. I’ll also be playing music for my friends at both parks and hopefully post some videos of that.

I’d like to thank all of you who have been reading and following along with me to this point. It has been a pleasure to see the hit count going up and especially reading the guestbook threads. I’m sure there will be more adventures awaiting.