Kayaking and Riding

Wednesday January 25, 2017, 41 miles (66 km) – Total so far: 1,099 miles (1,769 km)

Cedar Key, Fl.

It’s been a relaxing few days here at Cedar Key, Fl. I’ve been resting and eating mostly home cooking that we had frozen and brought down. I’m quickly regaining the weight I had lost getting here. I’ve met several new friends and played some music around the campfire. The other day, we went kayaking.

Low tide behind the RV. The white dots are egrets, ibis, wood storks and white pelicans. Some day, I’ll have a grown up camera with a telephoto lens.

It pays to know the tide charts as low tide takes most of the water leaving mud flats. This is nice also as all of the shore birds including Roseate Spoonbills who feed on the small creatures in the marsh can be seen close by. Even with the high tides, you have to navigate carefully to avoid the oyster bars.

The kayak, ready to launch at high tide.

Jeri and her friend Laurette had found a bald eagle’s nest on a previous outing and they took me and Laurette’s son, Thomas’ family, to find it. Soon, we rounded a bend in the canal and there in a large pine was a huge black nest complete with an adult bald eagle. I’m always excited to see these because they were so rare when I was growing up. Now due to regulated pest control practices and breeding programs, eagles can be seen much more frequently. These are such a majestic birds.

Looking at the eagle nest which is a black blob in the tallest pine on the right.

Jeri had to leave for a couple of days to attend some of our personal business so I’m here taking care of the Frenchies. Not wanting to loose all of the conditioning I’d gained in the last three weeks, I took Clara out for a spin. I’m always amazed how light and nimble she is without all the gear. We averaged 5 mph faster this way even with a stiff crosswind that increased as the morning drew on. Of course, rested legs may have had something to do with it as well. Regardless, I’d been missing riding and was reminded yet again of the joy of being out on the road. Soon, I’ll be out for even more touring and adventures but I’ll be patient and enjoy my rest and activities as a tourist first.

Clara at the Cedar Key Scrub State Perserve touted as “The Real Florida”.