Cleaning and Being A Tourist.

Tuesday January 24, 2017

Cedar Key, Fl.

Just an example of the wall murals in town.

Yesterday was spent cleaning Clara, equipment and touring the town of Cedar Key, Fl. The last two days were so windy that I was still glad I wasn’t riding. I’ll get enough of that I’m sure in the months to come.

Clara needed a lot of work. It’s amazing how clean her drive train became with a toothbrush, dawn dishwashing soap and wet ones, non-scented of course. All of her bolts were loose. Now they are tight. The sand and salt were all removed and she looks like a new mule ready to see the world.

Bright and shiny Clara.

The gear got a once over as well. I think it was the first time in three weeks that everything was dry at one time. The sand could not survive the tarp as it flapped in the relatively calm 15 mph wind. This will be decision time for some of the gear. Things that I never used will stay behind and as of now, I can only think of one thing to add. More of this in future posts.

The town of Cedar Key is small and quaint. There’s a large art community here in evidence but the galleries and wall murals. The town was known for pencil making from the local cedars that grew here. Now of course, tourism is key as well as clam farming. Apparently this area with just the right amount of fresh water entering the bay and ideal currents and temperature is just right for clams. You can tour the clam nursery and see how it’s done.

One of the many cedar trees that were not made into pencils.

It’s also the home of Tony’s Seafood Resturant where you can get his world championship clam chowder. He won the New England Clam Chowder championship three years running and was retired to their hall of fame. We bought a case, it’s that good.

Today is for kayaking around the islands and visiting the wildlife. A bonfire is planed for tonight with music by you know who. Excellent.

So, this is how they get pink.