“Yeah, I Be Goin’ Down to Florida: Where The Sun Shines Damn Near Every Day”

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  • 18 Jan 2017
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Monday January 16, 2017, 83 miles (134 km) – Total so far: 799 miles (1,286 km)

Okefenokee Pastimes RV Park to Fort Clinch State Park on Fernadina Beach, Fl.
Song lyrics above by Muddy Waters, Deep Down in Florida.

Last night was town eve, you know, the night before you get to a town and get a rest day the next day. Adding to the excitement, I will arrive in my third state, Florida but first, I had to ride past a landfill!

Not really a landfill but a land build as it must have been six stories high and acres across. They can’t dig a hole down here. To much water. That wasn’t so bad but the constant barrage of garbage trucks going by both ways really took the fun out of riding close to the Okefenokee. Those things smelled bad!!!

Seventeen miles later though, I made a left hand turn and crossed the St. Mary’s River into Florida. Yippee! State number three.

Best "Welcome to a Florida" sign I could find and I don't even have a seatbelt.

See you later Georgia. I’ll be back in December.

I was so excited, I missed my next turn and who knows how many extra miles I added to today’s ride.

At mile forty, I was tiring so I stoped by a gas station for a Starbucks, Double Shot Energy Drink. Met my new Instagram friend Angel who saw me struggling with a selfie and graciously took my pic. Thanks Angel. Maybe Starbucks will see it. You never know.

From there, it was A1A all the way to Fernadina. Bike lane and everything. Tons of traffic though. All went well till about 15 miles out when the road construction hit. No bike lane for 12 miles. Gotta give the drivers credit though. Not one car horn, inappropriate hand signal or inconsiderate one in the bunch. Great folks.

View coming into town.

Made it to the Park at sunset, checked in. Where’s the nearest resturant I asked? Four miles back in town. How far to my campsite, I ask? Two miles from here. I must have looked discouraged. After all, I’d just ridden 74 miles. Well, nothing to do but put my big boy panties on and do the miles.

Made it to The Salty Pelican due to my sister in law Nan’s reccomendation. Darn good shrimp. Oh, and my first craft beer of the trip. IPA heaven.

I rode back and forth in the dark tonight. Really a lot of fun with all my lights. Kind of a surreal experience as everything is focused on the cone of light you can see. Not to dangerous in this case as there was a bike path as well. Really enjoyed it.

Back to camp. Ever pitched a tarp over a sand pit in the dark as the fog rolled in? Me neither but I have now. As you know, sand gets into everything. I didn’t care though as I was tired, really tired. Fell to sleep listening to the waves crash on the beach. Welcome to Florida.