“Riders on the Storm, Riders on the Storm”: “Into this House We’re Born, Into This World We’re Thrown, Riders on the Storm”

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  • 18 Jan 2017
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Friday January 6, 2017, 54 miles (87 km) – Total so far: 324 miles (521 km)

The Doors
Edgefield to Barnwell, SC.

The Weather Channel has been calling for a significant winter storm to blow across the country and into the southeast. They’ve even named it Helena. When did we start naming winter storms? Everyone I meet is concerned for me as I head south. They are calling for snow even as far as Charleston, my destination on Saturday. We don’t do snow well in the south. We go into paralysis, buy every bit of milk, eggs and cheese in the store, hunker down for then end of the world. All I can say is, at least I’m riding away from it and not toward an event as I usually do. Haha

Lots of traffic on the road today as I move toward interstate 20 and Aiken, SC. Lots of truck traffic. Lots of very courteous truckers giving me a wide birth and slowing down to wait for oncoming traffic to clear. Thanks guys.

It was colder today, in the 30’s with a fairly significant headwind. I’m wearing my nylon zip offs, nylon shirt with arm warmers, vest and wind jacket. No gloves, no hat other than my helmet, and no socks on my sandaled feet. I’ve got all that packed but so far I haven’t needed them. That might change on Monday when the forcast highs are in the 30’s. I tend to run a little hot and the effort of biking up the hills still leaves me sweating. Everyone asks me if I’m cold.

I head down the Fall Line today, that area where the Piedmont Plateau drops down into the Coastal Plains. That means Spanish Moss, Long Leaf Pine and sand replaces the red clay of the hills.

This is a baby Long Leaf Pine. In 100-150 years, it will be fully grown and magnificent.

It also means the hills start to disappear and the riding becomes flat with little elevation change. My knees are happy campers.

Agriculture changes a bit to including the pine forests mentioned above, an abundance of beautiful horses who are so curious about Clara and peaches. Peaches. Man do I wish I was riding through here when they are ripe.

This is a peach orchard. Soon they will be covered in peach blooms, then the juicy, glorious peaches will form.

Today’s weather actually turned out well and I had to once again remove the jacket and arm warmers and apply sunscreen. Looking in my rear view mirror however, I can see the ominous beginnings of Helena’s approach. I was so looking forward to my first campsite tomorrow night but that is when she will bring her heavy rain turning into possible snow on Saturday. I won’t be able to out ride her, just out maneuver her. Adventure travel means being able to change plans when needed. I’ll think about that tonight, safe and warm in the Days Inn in Barnwell.

My inn keeper, Roshan Patel giving Clara some love.