Oh! You’re That Guy!

Tuesday January 17, 2017, 7 miles (11 km) – Total so far: 806 miles (1,297 km)

Rest day at Fernadina Beach, Florida
Ok, I love camping and all, but I woke up today needing a hotel. All my gear got foggy wet and then the sand stuck to everything. Oh, and there’s no cell signal. I can’t feed my social media addiction. Not to mention that everything is over six miles away. I love ya Fort Clinch State Park, but I’m sleeping elsewhere tonight. What a crybaby. Haha.

View out the bedroom window this morning.
Site C

As I was packing up, I met a nice couple, Sam and Mary. We stood and talked in the fog about bikes, touring and music. They have been playing out for many years. Of course, I took the opportunity to hand them my card and talk about Fender Music Foundation. Mary read it then said, “Oh! You’re that guy!” She had already read about me on FMF’s web site. Now that is a small world. Only out 17 days and I meet someone who knows and appreciates what I’m doing. I was so honored. I’ve met so many fine folks talking about a cause I believe in. I just know we will help “Give Music Life”.

Off into town for coffee and breakfast and high speed internet. It was catch up time. Of course, I don’t keep my mouth shut and I keep handing out cards. Met Jim who has built his own recumbent bikes. He’s recently retired and may start touring soon. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your house Jim. Life’s chores got in the way but thanks for the invite.

Forgot to mention my German friend I met last night at dinner. His son holds several recumbent bike records. Wow, recumbent riders everywhere.

Clara taking in the sites at Historic Fernadina Beach.

Scored a room at the Hampton Inn and Suites and moved in at 1 pm. Clara likes her new stall. Bath, laundry and all those other chores that you have to do on days off got done. Now I’m resting for tomorrow’s ride which suddenly got much longer due to a ferry being out of commission. I seem to have bad luck with ferry crossings. Oh well, I get to see something else instead.

Had a fine meal and a couple of local brews at Cafe Karibo: cafekaribo.com. I met several nice people there and talked about changing locations, jobs and of course music. Great resturant if you’re in the area.

The end of a good rest day.

Here’s a video, wrapping up last week’s ride.