Late Start to the Morning: Stealth Camping at Night

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  • 18 Jan 2017
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Wednesday January 11, 2017, 40 miles (64 km) – Total so far: 480 miles (772 km)

Walterboro to Stealth Camp south of Glenesboro.
It was cold last night but I love to sleep cold. It was so nice spending time in camp talking to new friends Linda and Larry and their yellow lab, Rider. I got to use most of my new cooking gear as I made dinner, then played guitar for an hour. Can’t do that in a motel.

I woke at my usual time and caught up with the blog and all my friends while having coffee and enjoying my chair. I love this chair. Why haven’t I used one before?

I really had no plan for tonight’s camp other than do some miles and then look for a stealth site. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, stealth camping is poaching a campsite somewhere that’s not an established camp ground. They could be behind a church, fire department or just tucked away the woods, out of site. They are free but also come with no amenities like food, water, or shower. There is no one else there, thus, private. Lonely. Anyway, there were no convenient campsites or hotels on my route today so stealth camp it was.

Larry started a fire and Linda asked me over for coffee. Nice. We sat, talked and enjoyed each others company as between them, they managed to have quite the warm fire. All of a sudden, it was late in the morning and I still wasn’t motivated to move on. Why leave a fire, friendly, interesting conversation and just a taste of peach moonshine?

Linda, Rider and Larry. Great meeting you three.

Well, eventually I had to pack up and go. Heading south on the Atlantic Coast Route. Another gorgeous day with a moderate headwind. Started to see some nice black water swamps beside the road. Lots of hawks and other wildlife around including the frogs called spring peepers. Hardy little beasts in that cold water trying to attract a mate.

Black water swamps on both sides of the road.

Food was scarce and I finally stoped at a Wendy’s for food at 3:30 pm. The food was good but the service was superb. I know, service at Wendy’s? Well, here you were greeted by, “Wellcome to my Wend’s”. Each person was known by name and the ladies were singing and dancing for us. Dinner and a show. I needed a smile about then and they gave me belly laughs. Of course I had to have their picture. Thank you for going above and beyond to make all of your customers happy.

These ladies Made my day.

I rode until about one half hour prior to sunset, found a nice spot in the woods next to a cell tower and made camp. The sunset was pretty, and I was greeted by an armadillo. Perfect.

Stealth camp in the woods.