Clara’s Got A New Wheel: And When Clara’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy

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  • 18 Jan 2017
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Monday January 9, 2017, 19 miles (31 km) – Total so far: 391 miles (629 km)

Out and back trip to the Charleston Bicycle Company.
Today’s job: Fix Clara. Fortunately I had good people working on that for me in the guise of Jeff and the friendly, helpful folks at the Charleston Bicycle Company.

Jeff, me and a happy, tuned and ready to ride Clara.

I’d called Jeff from Washington, Ga. when I first discovered the rim issue. He took all the information down, ordered just the right wheel, put his own magic touches to it and had it waiting to attach when I got there. A few brake, rear rack and other adjustments got Clara riding so smooth. Over time, little things happen which you may not really notice untill they all get fixed at once. I swear, I was averaging one mph faster on the way back. If you are in the area and need anything bike related, I highly recommend stopping by. Jeff will fix you right up. Thanks man!

The ride to the bike shop was a treat in and of itself. Hwy. 17 is a very busy road without shoulders. Erin showed me how to get there via the West Ashely Greenway, a hard packed, gravel, rails to trails route. It passes by some beautiful marsh country with all the wading shore birds you can imagine. It’s also far enough away that you can’t hear the road noise either. Very pleasant.

The white dots are seagulls. My iPhone doesn't have a telephoto lens. There's an idea for you Apple.

So now, all we have to do is continue the tour and see what adventure awaits. I big shout out to Erin and Matt for the fine hospitality and putting up with me for an extra day. We are rested, fixed and ready to move on down the road. Your help is greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I head back to Walterboro and start riding the ACA mapped, Atlantic Coast Trail and thus start the Perimeter tour.