“And Ride Till the Sun Comes Up and Down Around Two or Three Times”: “Singing Songs For the People I Meet”

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  • 13 Jan 2017
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Tuesday January 3, 2017, 55 miles (89 km) – Total so far: 157 miles (253 km)

Song Lyrics above by John Prine “Clay Pigeons”Royston to Washington, Ga.I had a great nights sleep and awoke to fine coffe, breakfast and fellowship with my hosts Tim and Linn. What an excellent introduction to the Warm Showers way of life. I’d say it was accidental but I know that Linn happened to see me on the road and rushed home, told Tim I was coming and they both went out of their way to invite me in. One big hearty Thanks to you both. If you are riding in the area, be sure to look these two fine folks up. You won’t be disappointed.

Off into the fog I went, wondering what adventure would unfold. I always seem to start the day looking for some exciting journal entry. At first, all I seemed to come up with was apperentally, it was a bad night for skunks on the road. Phew. Then I saw my first armadillo of the trip. Not a good night for him either. So far, the journal had nothing but then my luck changed.

It’s always amazing how events seem to unfold. I’m sure luck has something to do with it but sometimes you create your own luck by just looking for it. I pulled into Elberton, Ga needing a break and snacks. There was a nice park at town center so I stoped and low and behold, there was a music shop on the square. It even had a Fender sign lit. Not being shy, I walked right over and handed my card to the attendant. We talked of my trip and my cause. He said he would let the local radio station know. I admired all the beautiful instruments.

Returning to Clara and snacks, I soon noticed a nice gentleman carrying my helmet across the street. Those of you who know me know that I leave my stuff everywhere. The nice gentleman turned out to be Larry Guest, the mayor of Elberton. He was very nice and listened to me prattle on about my tour. Then he saw a local musician, Erica Sunshine Lee and introduced us. She was a ray of sunshine indeed. She has seven CD’s and is getting ready to launch another. She has played in Nashville and toured to such places as Vietnam. She’s preparing to go to Northern California to play so maybe we will meet again. Good luck Erica. I’ll check out your music on iTunes.

Larry seemed impressed so he went to the local paper, The Elberton Star, and they sent Ms. Shana Toney over to do her first interview ever. Wow, two interviews in three days! I’m infamous. Haha. Shana did a great job and I wish her well with her newspaper job and her dream of dancing which she is also teaching in a nearby studio.

After all this royal treatment, it was hard to get my lost helmet back on my swollen head. Do you see what I mean by creating your own luck?

Stans Music World, the Mayor of Elberton, Larry Guest, and my new favorite newspaper reporter, Shana.

Still having miles to go, I had to leave. Not far down the road, I found my first cool mailbox of the trip.

I had started taking mailbox art photos as a theme on the TransAm. Folks can get right creative. As I got nearer, I notice a young lady sitting in a golf cart beside it. I asked if I could take a picture, she said yes and that she was waiting for a letter from her fellow. The mail had not run in the last three days due to the holidays and she was very anxious to see if he had written. He’s been away at Paris Island doing marine training for three months and they were hoping he could come home. Look at the following picture to see if the letter arrived.

Katie is one happy lady.

As they day grew long, camp seemed to get further away. Seems like day three and four of the tour is always the hardest. The excitement of starting is replaced by thr reality of hard, physical work and the body starts to tire. I pulled into a convince store for a Coke and a snack and found these two ladies who perked me right up.

Alice and Corie.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Corie is a member of the Washington-Wilks Tiger Band. Just the kind of person I hope to help by riding for Fender Music Foundation.

I made it to camp (Quality Inn) eventually. I love a camp with a Mexican Resturant across the street. A Negra Modello, Chori Pollo followed by rest soon got me ready for the next day. What kind of luck will I create tomorrow?